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Our industry is at a turning point where expectations of technology is surpassing the requirement for training at a base fundamental level.  With the rise of a young industry, it requires a solid foundation with proper nurturing to further growth. It will stifle the growth and leave the industry with a void of experience-based teachings. We believe we can assist in the formation of that foundation.


With our experience being robust, we will be able to help companies from small to large, new or old, get the information they need to grow in the industry and be successful. Delmar specializes in first principle instruction, consulting and integrations for Land, Air, Maritime and Subsea autonomy applications and products.

Our Team.

Delmar Aeroeducation's UAS flight school boasts a team of highly qualified staff and instructors, bringing a wealth of expertise in unmanned aerial systems and aviation. Comprising seasoned professionals with real-world experience, their instructors are dedicated to providing students with top-tier education, fostering a learning environment that combines technical proficiency and practical know-how in the rapidly advancing field of UAS flight.


Jeremy Edwards

General Manager


Michael Cavallo

Lead UAS Production & Support


Kieran Forsythe

Standardization Flight Instructor


Dazon Sigo

UAV/Drone Operator


Tyson Barfuss

UAS Instructor

Career Opportunties

Flight Instructor

As a UAS Flight Instructor at Delmar Aeroeducation, you will be responsible for delivering comprehensive unmanned aerial systems training, combining theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to prepare students for safe and proficient drone operation.




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